Taste Buds Adjust Over Time

If you want to eat healthy but it doesn’t sound appetizing at all, there is good news. You don’t have to eat anything you don’t want to eat. Really. You can (and should!) enjoy your food all along the way. The worst thing a person can do is decide to start eating really well and then fill up their menu with a bunch of new meals that taste terrible. It won’t work, and you’ll quit in less than a month! Continue reading

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Improving Your Diet Will Improve Your Life

When you want to improve your life–in any aspect–eating good wholesome food is your best secret weapon! Every bit of food you eat affects your body. It affects your strength and energy, how well your body can fight off illness, and how well your body can prevent and heal from health problems. It affects your mood and feelings, it affects your hormones and how well everything communicates within your body to stay in balance. It affects how well you sleep and even how much sleep you need. The food you eat affects your mind-how clear your mind is, how quickly you think, how easy it is to learn, and even what kinds of thoughts you have. Continue reading

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My Challenge to You: Try the Detox Diet (Menu Plan and Shopping List Included)

This is the time of year when people are thinking about dieting and losing weight.  I say, forget about dieting.  Eat healthy, and you will lose the weight naturally and then keep the weight off, too.  If you want to lose weight quickly, do a detox diet, and lose weight as an extra bonus on top of all the great benefits you will get from detoxing–like getting lots of energy and feeling great. Continue reading

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Healthy Eating: A Means to an End

One of the big focuses of this blog is on eating healthy. But before I get very far into this, I feel it is important to be clear that eating healthy food is simply a tool. It is not a “religion” with lots of strict do’s and don’t’s. It is not something to judge anyone by—including yourself. 🙂 It is simply a way to help make a better life for yourself.

I eat healthy because it makes me feel good. And I don’t eat perfectly. I don’t even try to eat perfectly, because that is simply not what it’s about for me. Continue reading

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How to Have Salad Every Day With Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day in the Kitchen

P1020428While there might not be one right way for everyone to eat, there are some basic things that can help pretty much everyone live a healthier life with more energy and lots of other benefits. Some of those basic things are: Continue reading

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The Detox Diet

For me, It all began with a simple detox diet. I was at a low point in life and on a small vacation when I read the first half of the book “The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health” by Dr. Thomas Rau. I read everything up to the detox diet plan, and then it was time to go home. It had piqued my curiosity, and I was especially impresses with the co-author’s experience of doing the detox, especially the part about having more energy. I copied the diet down and when I got home I tried it out for two weeks.

Those two weeks shifted the course of my entire life! It opened my eyes up to what life could be like!!! I had never even had a clue!! Here are some of the things that happened to me once the effects of the diet started kicking in (around day 10): Continue reading

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