Improving Your Diet Will Improve Your Life

When you want to improve your life–in any aspect–eating good wholesome food is your best secret weapon! Every bit of food you eat affects your body. It affects your strength and energy, how well your body can fight off illness, and how well your body can prevent and heal from health problems. It affects your mood and feelings, it affects your hormones and how well everything communicates within your body to stay in balance. It affects how well you sleep and even how much sleep you need. The food you eat affects your mind-how clear your mind is, how quickly you think, how easy it is to learn, and even what kinds of thoughts you have.

The food you eat is used to build your body, which means that what you eat helps to determine how resilient your health is, how strong or weak your organs are, and how well all your body systems work. (Do you want to build your brain out of twinkies and soda pop or vibrant fruits and vegetables? Do you want to build your heart out of tv dinners, happy meals and ice cream or nutrient dense, wholesome foods?) The good news is, the body is constantly replacing old cells in our body with new ones. It takes only 7 years to do this in the entire body. Some parts are regenerated much faster–for example the digestive tract has all new cells every three weeks. This is good because it means you can start right now and make it count! Every good thing you eat makes a difference. And every bad thing you choose not to eat really helps too. Think of your next meal or snack as the next layer of bricks you are adding to your structure.

Your diet is the first place to begin in making improvements, because the food you put into your body affects every aspect of your life-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you improve your diet and make changes to the quality (and quantity) of food you put inside, I believe it is impossible for your life NOT to improve!

If I want to be a nicer person, I don’t believe the way to go about it is by getting more will power, so that I can be nice even when I don’t feel like it. I would much rather go to the level beneath, and change the way I feel. One way to do this is by putting good food in my body. When I eat well, I feel like being nice, and suddenly it is easy to be nice. My heart is full of good things and it comes pouring out naturally. I don’t even have to try, and that is way better than fighting against something with “will power.”

When I am feeling “blah” in life and have lost my excitement and purpose, every single time, I realize that I have not been feeding my body properly. When I correct my diet, the excitement and energy comes back. I find myself loving to do the things I have chosen to put in my life, and I am happy again.

Of course, there are other things to do as well, to help in any problem. But food is one that makes a really big difference, really fast. And if you aren’t eating wholesome, good foods, the other things you do (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) aren’t going to make as much of a difference as they could if you paired them with a healthy diet.

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