Foot Zoning

I am a foot zone therapist, and I LOVE it!!!

If you have not yet heard of foot zoning, let me tell you how awesome it is! 🙂 There are spots on the feet that correspond to all the tissues, organs, and systems of the body. As a foot zone therapist, I massage your feet in a particular sequence and stimulate these signals, covering the entire body. A foot zone helps bring the entire body into balance and encourages it to do whatever it should be doing. It can help the body heal more quickly, strengthen the immune system, detox and clean out the body, help heal emotionally as well, and give more energy. A foot zone treats the entire body, letting the body choose what it is wanting and needing to work on at the moment. Because of this, it can help with any health problem you may have.

In the time that I have been regularly zoning my family, it has been so incredible to see all the benefits. Just to name a few, it has helped with depression and hormonal imbalances of all sorts. It has helped one of my daughters with her sleep problems. She now falls asleep quickly and wakes up full of energy in the morning, 1-2 hours earlier than she used to! It has helped the kids get better much quicker when they have been sick, and it has helped us to have more energy. Foot zoning has helped with behavioral problems, seasonal allergies and food allergies. It has helped with digestion issues, random aches and pains, and it made a world of difference when I had a terrible mix of food poisoning and morning sickness! Overall, we are happier and more balanced.

I absolutely LOVE foot zoning! It wasn’t until I learned foot zoning myself that I realized just how powerful it is. I now make sure to get a foot zone regularly, because I wouldn’t want to live without all the wonderful benefits. I am so excited about foot zoning and I am especially excited to share the experience with you!

If you would like to set up an appointment, you can email me at Or call me at 435-363-4750. I currently charge $40 for a foot zone.

What to expect:

Come to my house, relax, drink some water, and have a great foot rub! (I can also come to your house if you live close by and would prefer.) I will put oils on your feet and rub them. Some people ask if it hurts to get a foot zone, and most of the time it doesn’t. Occasionally there are tender spots—this means that the area is out of balance in some way, and I can help fix that. The foot zone will probably take between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. Sometimes they go as long as 2 hours, but not if you don’t want it to. 🙂

**By the way, if you want to learn foot zoning yourself, check out We Do Feet Seminars. I cannot recommend their school highly enough. The classes will change your life, and you will forever be grateful for all that you learn—about foot zoning and life skills in general. It is an incredible experience, one that is guaranteed to change your life! Check out this page for upcoming classes.

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